Let’s start off by introducing Fex,
A short man that is quite complex.
He owns the flower shop in the State.
His red corvette gets polished every week,
some would consider this, the definition of a geek.

Fex is dating Flo, host of the State’s fashion show.
She has tea with the ladies every morning at 11 o’clock,
where they compare shoes and sometimes a frock.

New fashions are frequently on show,
Lori sources designer pieces, with the approval of Flo.

Flo’s heart belongs to Fex – the florists in the State.
They are the perfect couple & have no qualities to hate.
When Flo drives around in Fex’s red car,
her red locks flow through the air and can be seen from afar.
Flo has a dog and she is called, Betty.

She doesn’t like sharing Flo’s time with Fex – it turns her into a yetty.
When Flo has a chance, she visits her friend Sal.
They both appreciate fine art & can talk like hell.
Sal works at the gallery and loves to craft
He often invites friends to explore the art.

Becci loves sweets and must exercise every day,
so Alli suggested soccer as the best way.
They are on the same team now and having a blast.
She is doing well and learning so fast.

Becci is also a student like Alli and works at Fex’s flower shop to earn some cash.
She loves being around the flowers so much, but sometimes it gives her a rash.
Alli loves soccer & meets her teammates after school every day,
to get some practice in before they must hit the hay.
Her best mate Becci, is also on the team –
this girl she swears, plays like a dream.

To earn some cash Alli does dog-walking some afternoons.
Flo’s dog Betty is one of them, although her waist still balloons.
Then we have MiQ, the local surfing champ,
he is a builder and enjoys the challenge of a new revamp.

Fex, Flo and MiQ love to hike and take Betty with for a run.
They talk all day and at night they play. All in the name of good fun.
MiQ’s daughter Misty is very ditsy & loves to go swim with friends each day.

Her best friend is Nex, a girl from the Plex and she herself is a treat.
She plats her hair, walks with flare and loves a good challenge, if you dare.

Come along on the journey through their town,
The State of the United Airways is sure make your frown turn upside down!

Author: Dr. S. Emanuel